Mooning eBay

Mooning eBay: After my earlier post regarding eBay’s fees and the obvious need they have for competition, one of my editorial colleagues at Hammock Publishing forwarded me a press release she’d received earlier today regarding an auction start-up that is using February 18, the date eBay is raising its fees, as their launch date.

According to the release, Lunar Bid, will not charge seller fees until May 18. “LunarBid plans to be the new source for millions of ‘homeless’ auctioneers who have abandoned eBay due to the fee increases.” LunarBid says it will not have monthly fee, and will have lower (than eBay) insertion and upgrade fees, with the final value fee never rising over 2% of the final auction value.

Despite Lunar Bid’s opportunistic timing and clever promotion, I believe a significant key to eBay’s success is its mass. I know how obscure the items I sell on eBay can be and am always amazed to learn that among its millions of users are a couple of buyers interested in what I have to sell. A phenomenon like eBay comes along only once in a blue moon. But still, I wish the Lunar Bid folks luck.

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  1. My wife, who has bought some stuff on eBay, and I, who never have, were just talking about the need for greater competition in this area. But eBayis the 800-gigabyte gorilla, so if it is the 90s all over again, the Lunar folks may soon be waxing into the being-acquired phase.

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