Bloggers on 2

Bloggers on 2: A big thanks to WKRN-TV
for hosting a meetup breakfast this morning for Nashville bloggers. The
station has several staffers who blog and today, station general
manager Mike Seachrist, told us the station plans to launch a site that
will aggregate blogger-generated news from the station’s viewing area.
He said a staffer will be dedicated to coordinating the effort. He gave
kudos to Terry Heaton,
who is working with the station and who I believe is helping them
display impressive leadership in finding ways to work together with
bloggers to figure out this whole
participatory/hyperlocal/conversational journalism thing.

I was meeting other bloggers, a big event was taking place in the
adjacent studio: my son was getting his first-ever “air-time.” The
14-year-old from my house came with me and the Channel 2 folks were
kind enough to let him watch while the morning news show was being
aired. Unbeknownst to me, towards the end of the show, Anchor LJ Moody and weather anchor Jason Bruce
invited him to sit at the anchor desk next to them (yet off-camera).
And then, right as the show was going off air, the camera had a
wideview and that guy wearing the Channel 2 baseball cap got a few
seconds of on-air glory. (I missed the moment, but Neil Orne and LJ
were nice enough to pull up the moment on a monitor so I could take a
photo of it.)

The event was great. Even nightlife blogger Mr. Roboto got up early and made it. Paul Chenoweth was there and blogged it. And Bill Hobbs was there with a cool camera and should have some photos up later. And LindaDblU and Jeanne, who I know in real-life, but am only now discovering their blogs, were there. WKRN has posted a list
of Nashville bloggers, many of whom were there. (I’ll continue to
update this post with links to other bloggers in attendance who blog
it. Also, I’ll be posting photos I shot on my flickr photoblog, the rexmoblog.)

Update: Doug Petch (from Lexington, Ky.) was there and blogged it.

Update II: Terry Heaton has posted some great photos. And so has Doc Brown. Glen Dean comments.