The end of the beginning

The end of the beginning: With a headline like, “Bloggers as News Media Trophy Hunters,”
you can guess where the story heads. I stopped reading at the quote,
“salivating morons.” However, Jeff Jarvis continued reading (he’s also
quoted – a snippet from a blog post that is used out of context) and responds here.

the forced resignation of one of their own, it appears the Times’
editorial gatekeepers are viewing conversational media as Us vs. Them
— and declaring war. I don’t know how all this will play out but can
make a fairly certain prediction: the Times will lose.

They should follow Jeff’s advice, instead:

1. Let’s spend a few hours letting each group vent at the other to get over it.
2. Then let’s explore our common
interests — quite simply, informing the public, acting as the people’s
watch on authority, getting to the truth, and creating a
better-informed democracy.
3. Finally, let’s investigate the
ways that citizens’ media and professional media can help each other
find stories and find the truth and listen to the public and extend the
eyes and ears of The Times and its journalists in ways never possible

If we do this right, the reporters
and the bloggers will learn that the “other side” is not another side
at all; this isn’t about monoliths and mobs but about good people
trying hard to do the right thing. Times Managing Editor Jill Abramson
spent a few days at Harvard in a room with bloggers and didn’t seem to
come off any worse for the wear; I think she and the bloggers came
away, instead, with better understanding and respect.

Perhaps it is because I spent a couple of hours this past weekend at a
blogger meetup hosted by some folks at a local TV station
who are eager to learn how to work with the “other side,” I feel optimistic that out in the real world,
some traditional news media people are getting it. And Jeff, in is day job, is inspiring lots
of locally-focused news organizations to “get it.” I agree with Jeff: the “national” news
organizations perhaps should do some meeting up of their own.