Are bloggers paparatzi?

Are bloggers paparatzi? Mark Cuban tells his fellow-famous that political bloggers are like paparatizi who believe this is “pay back” time for being shut out in the past:

“The bloggers are here, and they are ready to
knock down the gates and get their pound of flesh. The traditional
media has no idea what is about to hit them. In every major conference
, at every major speech, sitting at tables in restaurants,  there
is going to be a blogger or podcaster with microphone, PDA, Videophone
, laptop or paper and pencil in hand. Listening. Taking notes. That
information is going to be transmitted to and from a blog entry and
placed in the hands of “the readers”.”

How to cope?

“Recognize them. Give them
respect. Celebrities cant keep photographers out of their bushes no
matter how hard they try. The gatekeepers wont be able to keep the
bloggers out either. Instead they should invite them in. Not 1. Not 2.
But several from both sides. Bring in the more popular blogs that like
you, and the same number of those that dont. Give them as much access
as you give the NY Times, Wash Post. Dont muzzle them, let them write.”

2 thoughts on “Are bloggers paparatzi?

  1. I’ve almost decided to try an experiment: to begin to blog on a limited basis about news events in my hometown, and to see whether the various governmental agencies I might visit will try to subvert TN’s open records/open meetings laws by denying access. A local community, White House (isn’t THAT ironic), recently closed its council meeting to the press and public in flagrant violation of the law. So it won’t be surprising to see that same done to a “citizen journalist” (as Stephen Ambrose might call it).

  2. My hometown school board always used to close its meetings. It was ridiculous. No one sued them or anything.

    Go Bill!!!

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