The value of Michael Wolff’s opini

The value of Michael Wolff’s opinion: Vanity Fair’s Michael Wolff thinks blogs “lower the value of all information.” I assume he’s referring to the rexblog.

On why he doesn’t want to blog:

I look at that particular blog piece of software I react viscerally. I
said, “Oh, I don’t want this. I don’t want to be part of this.” There’s
that scene in “Doctor Zhivago” where the professionals and the
intelligentsia are reduced to having to walk with the hoi polloi, and
that’s what I feel when I’m forced into this blog stuff.
I want to take what I think of as a noble and principled stand in
saying that I’m not going to be part of this blog stuff. And I’m going
to insist upon this until I am washed away.”

It’s been my experience that information is nearly always without value. However, wisdom is priceless.

And wisdom is usually found when you walk with the hoi polloi.

(From: I Want Media)

3 thoughts on “The value of Michael Wolff’s opini

  1. Proud member of the hoi polloi voicing my worthless opinion. I’m off to less noble pursuits now. Good to know what little Mr. Wolff thinks of us out here in the sticks. I doubt the parents of the kids I coach are going to be upset with the good news I have for them in an email, and the kids themselves who I speak with all the time via IM certainly are not upset to hear from me, asking them how school is, or their sprained ankle getting better, or the latest gossip, etc.


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