Magazines that are beginning to understand blogging

Magazines that are beginning to understand blogging: After being quoted in an article in this month’s Folio:
about magazines and blogging, I’ve been asked to point to some examples
of magazines that understand how to “engage in the conversation.” So,
in addition to keeping the “magazines that blog” blogroll (on the
left), when I run across them, I’ll point to examples, big and small,
of a magazine that “gets it.”

My first example is Popoular Mechanics.
First, they’re using the most prominent real estate of their homepage
for “The PM Blog.” (The format could be improved with comments on the
front page and what? no permalinks?) However, what really impressed me
was the “Welcome message” to visitors (an instalanche, for example)
from some A-List blogs that are linking to an article about 9/11 myths.
This is one of the first examples of I’ve seen where a blogger-oriented
“converation” has migrated from the magazine’s blog, to a page on which
a magazine article is posted. (However, many magazines have allowed
comments on stories for years.)

If you run across a magazine-blog nexus example or magazines that blogs to add to my blogroll, please e-mail me.


Update: Gee, I’m glad I posted this on 2/15 as on 2/16 fellow Alabama native Elizabeth Spiers uses PM to make a similar point. However, in her case, she makes the point better and more than seven people are reading it.

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  1. D Magazine (Dallas) has a “blog that gets it.” More breaking news than any other source in Dallas, with just the right dose of snarkiness.

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