Winer calls Noonan column “a gem”

Winer calls Noonan column “a gem”: Dave Winer calls this essay by Peggy Noonan
the best explaination of blogging he’s ever seen. “Savor every word,”
he says. “It’s a gem.” (For those who don’t know, Dave Winer is perhaps
the key figure in the creation of what we now call blogging, including
his leadership in the creation of RSS and podcasting….Also, for those
who don’t know, Dave Winer rarely says anything written by a right wing
columnist should be savored as a gem.)

Update:  After
spending some time with this column, I have to agree with the chorus of
neo-Noonanites pointing to her column.  This is absolutely, the
finest essay ever written about blogging. If you work in publishing and
don’t read this and take it to heart, you are hopelessly without a clue.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I liked the part where she talked about a “unique” insight or view. I think the link at under my name qualifies, and I’m thankful the blogosphere seems to take it seriously.

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