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Reverse dictionary: Perhaps this has been around a while, but I haven’t seen it before: The OneLook “reverse dictionary” where you can, uh, I don’t know the word, but it…:

“…lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word…”

Of course, when I saw this reverse dictionary, I had to immediately put it to the Homer Simpson test.

The test comes from a favorite Homer Simpson quote around my house; one the 14-year-old and I always say when the other can’t remember a word. It’s from an episode where Homer develops a vast vocabulary and then loses it to the point he’s having to ask Marge:

“What’s that metal deely you use to dig food?”

So, I typed in “that metal deely you use to dig food” and “spoon” was number three, right behind eat and plate.

Well done. (However, something tells me there is a major time-wasting game lurking in this new service.)

One thought on “OneLook Reverse Dictionary

  1. It works pretty well for most things but is occasionally clueless. For instance, I tried “substance used for computer chips”
    (thinking “silicon”) but got instead:
    1. cartridge
    2. gamer
    3. coltan (tar-like material used in capacitors. huh?)
    This tool is no Internet Oracle, but, it could be useful for free-association.

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