You say hello and I say hello

cue cue
means “hello” in english and “Alo Hayati” means “hello darling” in
arabic. Coincidence or merely a reference to a Conway Twitty song?

You say hello and I say hello: I typically limit links to stories like this press release to to my link blog (, however, this launch struck me as somewhat, well, interesting.The magazine is called “ALO Hayati
which its press release says means “Hello Darling,” (which, I’m  going
to guess has nothing to do with the Conway Twitty song, Hello Darlin’). It’s an english-language magazine for an American audience that
“exposes readers to the beauty and heritage of the Americanized Middle
Eastern population. In the process, it connects cultures through
lifestyle living without political or religious overtones. Regular
features include social affairs, fashion, cuisine, health,
entertainment, travel, art, heritage, business, family values, and
products and services from all corners of the world.”

As you can see
from the cover, this is not your grandmother’s burka fashion
magazine.The magazine is published by a company called Unique Image (which says, on its website, that it “devotes its net profits to help non-profit organizations.”)

Anyway, what I find interesting about the magazine is the
similarity of its name and mission to the magazine, Hi,
a custom magazine funded by the U.S. State Department and distributed
throughout the Middle East that has as its mission, “to address issues
of universal appeal to young adults-such as family, education,
entertainment, technology and sports.”

(Side note: When I looked at the
Hi website, I discovered a wonderful essay by the daughter of a friend of mine.)

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  1. Haven’t gotten the chance to see Hi yet, but my issue of ALO came today and I never knew I could learn so much about the middle east and its people. Many of us think of this area as a bombs and blood, but this magazine showed the other side. BRAVO!

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