Information may want to be free, but…

Information may want to be free, but…: About 30 seconds after I paypal’d $30 to, I saw this essay-post,  “TV News in a Postmodern World, The Devaluation of Information,” by my new blog-friend, Terry Heaton.


The revenue models of tomorrow will likely be quite different than they
are today, and nobody has all the answers just yet. Value is value,
however, and we ought to be spending more time studying what people are
prepared to give us, as we attempt to meet their information and
entertainment needs, rather than working overtime to raise old revenue
models from the dead.

I think I agree with Terry. However, I think “information” is more
valuable than “knowledge” while he appears to equate the two.

However, what is
really a rare gem and worth its weight in gold (not to mix metaphorical elements, or anything) is “wisdom.”

Great design and a stimulating experience will also get folks to pay up.

Give people what they want, but always surprise them.

That’s priceless.

2 thoughts on “Information may want to be free, but…

  1. now there is a debate – defining the differences between “knowledge” and “information” and which is more useful. As the late Artie Johnson might have mused, it would be “verrrrry interesting.” And at the end, you still might not have anything to take to the bank.

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