Time out

Time out: Despite Time Inc.’s deep pockets, the magazine Suede is “on hiatus.” “Hiatus” (or, as we call it on the rexblog, “bye-atus”) can be loosely translated as a state of terminal vaporziness.

What caused Suede’s failure? Well, here’s a paragraph from an article posted tonight on Mediaweek.com that contains so much spin, I’m getting dizzy:

Advertisers, however, failed to embrace Suede,
arguing that it lacked the street cred of Vibe. But the other main
factor was the rise of Hispanic titles, which were luring big dollars.
Still, Vibe will give Suede’s readers another shot, having just spun
off Vibe Vixon.

So, there you have it: According to Media Week, the reason Suede failed
was Time Inc.’s lack of street cred and advertisers choosing to
advertise in hispanic titles rather than in a magazine for African
American women.

Can someone help me: I’m having difficulty determining if that analysis is merely offensive or, rather, is it blatantly racist?

And, who makes that stuff up?

How to make money from RSS?

How to make money from RSS?  If you’re IDG, you know how:

Syndicate, the premier event for content syndication trends.
Marriott Marquis Times Square
May 17 – 18, 2005

Have I missed something? Dave Winer and Doc Searls are two of the many speakers. It ain’t cheap.

Here’s the promotional copy from the announcement I received:

FOR PUBLISHERS & CONTENT OWNERS, the new tools of syndication present a broad array of challenges and opportunities for traditional publishers, news organizations and other content owners. Advertising/Business models, audience loyalty and management, and intellectual property protection are only a few of the critical issues facing this sector as the consumers are empowered to become their own editors, picking and choosing content on-demand.

Hear from the Associated Press, Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive, Weblogs Inc., Feedburner, Creative Commons and other experts in the following sessions:

– RSS & Publishing: Threat or Opportunity?
– New Pathways to Profits: Exploring Business Models
– RSS & Advertising–An Expanding Impact
– Copyright and the New World of Syndication: Who’s Minding the IP?
– Voices from Within: Harnessing the Power of the Individual
– Beyond Words: Media RSS & Podcasting
– Looking at the User Experience: The New Faces of Interface
– Power Struggle: The Push to Pull Phenomenon


Dejazines all over again

Dejazines all over again: I’m sure Tech Confidential, the new magazine from CNET and The Deal
that will cover the business and financial aspects of technology will
be really, really great and will be oh so different from all those
other magazines that are about the business and finance of technology.
(Is it just me, or is this 1997? Rafat points to the official press release, but, man, what’s going on with this?)

Update: Speaking of 1997 — okay, 1999 ….Rafat also points to this press release about Business.com raising another $10 million today after raising $6.5 million a couple months ago. 

I’m liking the sound of that, but, before you ask, don’t ask.

Match.com launches Happen Magazine, only it happens to not be a magazine

Match.com launches Happen Magazine, only it happens to not be a
magazine:  Okay. Here’s an official ruling from the rexblog: If you launch something online, don’t call it a magazine.
Apparently there is some Freudian or Mcluhanian (Mclunhanesque?) need
that causes one to call something that is not a magazine, a magazine;
or to make one attempt to reinvent an old medium form on a new media

But “online magazine” sounds about as “happening” as “motorized buggy” or “televised radio program.” Wrong metaphor, people.

Can you comment?

Can you comment? It’s supposed
to be easy to leave a comment on this weblog. You don’t need to
register, or anything. However, I’ve been informed that some folks have
had some technical problems when trying to comment. Please e-mail me if
you’ve tried to comment (other than when you tried to use the word socialism) and have run into a problem.