Egoboo*: I’m always surprised (and appreciative) when someone
quotes me on their blog as they’re usually not within the universe of
the seven readers an independent auditing bureau has verified read
this blog. But I’m use to it enough to, well, check my Technorati
ranking every once in a while (I’m not going to repeat my gripe about
them not updating those inbound stats as I know they’re working on
cooler things).

But I’ve got to tell you: It’s near shocking when I hear someone refer to me on their podcast. (Tim Germer was the first back in September.)

So, yesterday on my home, when I was listening to Neville Hobson & Shel Holtz‘s “For Immediate Release” podcast
to hear their interview with GM’s Director of New Media, Michael Wiley,
I nearly wrecked my car (not a GM product) when Neville started talking
about a post of Rex Hammock’s (“hey, that’s me…”) and then made the
unbelievable comment:

“Rex was the person I first heard talking about podcasting.”


As I’ve recently spent time actively turning up my newsreader-radar for
insightful postings regarding corporate communications, Neville and
Shel have become two of my go-to sources on the topic. And their
podcasts are a great example of how one can jump into the genre and
then, over a few weeks and months, let the production quality and
program-focus and audience grow and develop.

Except for running that poor lady off the road, it was a rather cool
thing to hear someone I consider a pioneer of podcasting…say I’m the
first person he first heard talking about it. Gee, you never know where
the ripples of one these blog posts will end up.

I promise, Neville. If (when?) I start podcasting, you’ll be the first person I mention.

*Definition of egoboo.

One thought on “Egoboo

  1. It’s true, Rex – your comment about podcasting last September was the one that got me thinking about it all. It was in the context of internal communication, CEO to employees.

    Here’s what you said (and here’s where you said it –

    “I can see a much quicker adoption timeline for CEO podcasting than CEO blogging. Stick a microphone in front of a CEO and say, “What would you like to tell your employees today?” and you’ll get a much quicker buy-in than sitting a keyboard in front of them and saying, “blog a message for the world to read.”

    “A word of warning to corporate communicator-types: Don’t script it for the CEO…with “podcasting” voice is not a metaphor for writing in a conversational, believable fashion. Voice is actually voice.”

    This might be a great idea for the employees of Hammock Publishing!

    And thanks for listening to our show. Shel and I would love to have you as a guest! What do you say?

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