How to make money from RSS?

How to make money from RSS?  If you’re IDG, you know how:

Syndicate, the premier event for content syndication trends.
Marriott Marquis Times Square
May 17 – 18, 2005

Have I missed something? Dave Winer and Doc Searls are two of the many speakers. It ain’t cheap.

Here’s the promotional copy from the announcement I received:

FOR PUBLISHERS & CONTENT OWNERS, the new tools of syndication present a broad array of challenges and opportunities for traditional publishers, news organizations and other content owners. Advertising/Business models, audience loyalty and management, and intellectual property protection are only a few of the critical issues facing this sector as the consumers are empowered to become their own editors, picking and choosing content on-demand.

Hear from the Associated Press, Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive, Weblogs Inc., Feedburner, Creative Commons and other experts in the following sessions:

– RSS & Publishing: Threat or Opportunity?
– New Pathways to Profits: Exploring Business Models
– RSS & Advertising–An Expanding Impact
– Copyright and the New World of Syndication: Who’s Minding the IP?
– Voices from Within: Harnessing the Power of the Individual
– Beyond Words: Media RSS & Podcasting
– Looking at the User Experience: The New Faces of Interface
– Power Struggle: The Push to Pull Phenomenon


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  1. We’re very excited about the launch of this inaugural event, Syndicate, and hope to see you there. As many are aware, and many are not, RSS and other syndication technologies are changing the ways publishers and corporate marketers do business. (There’s a corporate marketing track as well) We hope Syndicate will bring the early-adopters, industry leaders and decision-makers together to develop key standards and models and develop strategic relationships to guarentee that this marketplace prospers.

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