Blog of record

Blog of record: I know there
are some university journalism students who are among the seven readers
of this weblog. I have some assigned reading for you so that one day,
you can say, “I was there.” The conversation taking place now on Jeff Jarvis’ weblog
between Jeff and Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times is one of those
events we’ll all be looking back on and using words like “seminal” to recall it. (Here is an archive of the entire exchange.)

I raised the “Mcluhan” name yesterday in a jestful post,
but today, I’m serious when I say there is something Mcluhanesque
about Keller choosing an
A-List blogger’s blog as his platform for this disucssion. To my
university student readers: this is what Mcluhan meant with that whole
“the medium is the message” stuff. That this coversation is taking
place on a weblog called is as important as the conversation itself.

Keller (who, remember, is responding to a smack-down challenge a courteous invitation from
Jeff) is displaying a mastery of conversational media while he and Jeff
are having an adult and civil exchange. This is big…and you were there and a part of it.