Frist blogs, but who would know?

Frist blogs, but who would know? Patrick Ruffini has posted a great guide to congressional blogging and following up on his (and my)
comments about how Bill Frist should blog, Patrick observes that the
Senate majority leader (and my senator) actually is blogging, but no
one probably knows it because his “dispatches” are going into his website’s “Press” area.

As I volunteered (in that earlier post)
to help the blogging efforts of any of the Republicans or Democrats who
represent me, here’s a suggestion to Sen. Frist’s staff:

Set up a blog (even on a hosted blog service if you can’t get those IT folks to download wordpress or something — geez, you
would think a word from him would have them hopping)
2. Copy and paste into it all that stuff your boss is writing
3. Make sure it’s available via RSS
4. Experiment with allowing comments, or at least trackbacks
5. There’s not a 5

Wait. Here’s an even better idea than listening to my ideas. Ask Patrick Ruffini to come over for a visit.

I was on Capital Hill recently, and he was nice enough to get
together with me for breakfast. Heck, we even went to a party together.
I know if he’d spend time visiting with me, he’d be glad to do the same
with ya’ll.

And since he was the webmaster and blogging guru for the Bush campaign, I’d think it would be sort of interesting to hear his

Just an idea.

Some blogger’s dream job

Some blogger’s dream job: Get $100,000 for watching a year of Dukes of Hazard and maintaining the official weblog. This is definitely a job for a Nashville blogger. I’d like to encourage Morgan  to apply
(although I somehow doubt he’s a fan of the show) as he’s one of the
funniest “undiscovered” bloggers I know…and he seems to be in need of a new gig.

(Thanks to Jamie for the heads-up.)

If you want to see the future of podcasting, look here

If you want to see the future of podcasting, look here: Okay, I’m tired of ranting so I’ll point to something that makes sense to me about podcasting. Here’s a simple hack by some very creative guys
who have come up with a way for one of their clients to hand an iPod
shuffle to their boss and say, “Hey, listen to this…” Now that’s what
I’m talking about.

Update: And there’s  a UK company, Loudish, that has launched a commercial product along these lines.