Sullivan’s take on Google’s comandeering tactics

Sullivan’s take on Google’s link comandeering tactics: Danny Sullivan, search engine guru, explains everything you ever wanted to know
about “AutoLink” on Googe’s new version of its toolbar. Here are the topics he covers on his great overview:

Sullivan believes
Google should make it easy for publishers (including bloggers) to opt
out. It took about 24-hours for 3rd-parties to develop hacks to do
this. But Danny is correct, Google should
do the right thing and allow publishers to opt out. I won’t say anymore
because Danny is so much more eloquent and Google may actually listen
to him.

However, I would think AdSense competitors might try approaching
publishers with the promise, “We’ll never try to take over the links on

(via: Steve Rubel)

Update: Dan Gillmor met with some Google folks and  is “not convinced, however, that Google will end up doing the right thing in the end.”