How did I do this before?

How did I do this before? It’s has been a while since I’ve mentioned
one of those things I found, then bookmarked and now find myself
using everyday, the ObjectGraph dictionary.
It works like Google suggest, but has definitions, elements and
a thesauaus. The guy
developing it, Gavi Narra,
maintains a weblog
and is
quite open about how it works. He launched it on December 24 (which makes me feel good because I heard about it on January 4) and, now he gets an average of 1,500 different IP addresses per day using it. I imagine a few of those users have
become hooked on it, like me. He’s added google ads to the results
pages to see what the economic impact will be.

To me, this is one of
those ideas that doesn’t need to be “demo’d,” it’s just addictive.

One thought on “How did I do this before?

  1. This thing is cool and superfast a kind of intellisense for the english language. If this could somehow be packaged for use by webdevelopers it would be very interesting.

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