Some blogger’s dream job

Some blogger’s dream job: Get $100,000 for watching a year of Dukes of Hazard and maintaining the official weblog. This is definitely a job for a Nashville blogger. I’d like to encourage Morgan  to apply
(although I somehow doubt he’s a fan of the show) as he’s one of the
funniest “undiscovered” bloggers I know…and he seems to be in need of a new gig.

(Thanks to Jamie for the heads-up.)

5 thoughts on “Some blogger’s dream job

  1. Okay, so I’m applying for this the moment I hit “submit” on this comment. That’s not so wrong, right?

  2. I used to love the Dukes of Hazard and I still love Dodge Charger’s but I couldn’t cope with this job even for a cool $100k a year 🙂

    A small rant:
    Why did the journalist feel the need to point out that Bo and Luke Duke are ‘fictional’ characters in the show? Is this article aimed at six year olds?

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