Odeo, the tools, and Odeo, the premise

Odeo, the tools, and Odeo, the premise:
I’d like to clarify that my earlier comments on Odeo were in response to a
specific aspect of Ev’s post and  John Markoff’s article: That the
“premise” of Odeo is based on the need for podcasting to have a
“centralized marketplace.”

My remarks had nothing to do with the production tools or cool features
the company may offer. I have no doubt the “product” will be a great
application. (Neither do I have any doubt that Apple could spend a few
weeks blending some iTunes mojo, Garage Bandish features, and the new RSS goodies in the Tiger-Safari (via Steve Rubel) to create the greatest podcasting application of six months from now.)

So, for clarification purposes (and I hope my last comments on this topic), let me restate the following:

I think any tools that make podcasting easier are wonderful. I think
any help is welcomed in simplifying podcasting so that a larger
audience can find the audio they seek.

I welcome everything — including the creation of another marketplace — that Odeo is doing.

My negative reaction, and I think I was clear in stating this, was to the notion that we need an eBay of podcasting.

And, again. I love eBay and use it all the time. But I know that
consumers (buyers and sellers) would benefit if there was a viable
alternative to eBay.

Again, podcasting tools are great. Again, guides for helping listeners
and podcasters connect are great. Again, marketplaces are great.

I merely was focusing on one aspect of Odeo that was clearly stated in
both the NY Times article and Ev’s post; not on what I’m guessing the
product may be: That a business based on the premise that podcasting
needs an eBay is based on the wrong premise.