Just do it

Just do it: I
think the affirmative posts I’ve given it over the past several months
display that I’m very supportive of an advertising campaign that
promotes magazines. But please, people, stop announcing it.
This reminds me of my pet peeve with editor’s letters that accompany
the first issue of a magazine redesign. My belief is that having to
explain a redesign is like having to explain a joke. Also, it typically
raises the obvioius question: What the heck were you doing in the past?
(And please, I’m not suggesting that this long, explanatory, press
release about why the association is kicking off this advertising campaign would necessarily cause
anyone to ask, “So what were you doing in the past?”)

By the way, there is a website
(turn off your speakers or remove your headphones) accompanying the
campaign. I would tell you what’s on it, but I have a subwoofer on the
speaker connected to my computer and the flash intro launched with some
earthquake sound that made my floor start shaking.