Ironic point by a Google employee

Ironic point by a Google employee: I don’t know which is more ironic. A Google employee using a Microsoft’s employee’s weblog to make the point about Autolink…or the Google employee’s point:

“…if you don’t like what the toolbar does…do not use it. You have a choice.”

The irony is that if publishers of websites (including bloggers) don’t like what the toolbar does to their content, they still have to use it…they have no choice (or, at least not one that Google provides.) If Google wants to do the right thing, they can start with some opt-out assistance for publishers along the lines of what they provide people who don’t want their residential phone numbers to show up on Google.

3 thoughts on “Ironic point by a Google employee

  1. You and winer just don’t get the point. I can install any software on my computer that I want, and so long as your web page is displayed on MY computer I can do whatever the hell I want to it. End of story.

  2. I hope it’s not the end of the story as I’m not ready for a story where Brian, you think it’s YOU choosing how the words I write on this blog will be displayed on your computer when it’s Google deciding how those words will be displayed.

    I don’t like the end of a story where writers are prevented from choosing not to link a word somewhere and where thoughtful people like you seem so willing to abdicate your will and the writer’s intentions to the “will” of some Google algorithm.

  3. I wrote to Google about opting out and received a reply that said, essentially, they won’t let me (as content producer) opt out of their pop-up blocker, so why would they let me opt-out of Autolink. I’m still incredulous that they’d think this would be an acceptable response.

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