People who need a magazine other than People

People who need a magazine other than People:  I was about to post this to my link blog
with a glib remark, but noticed a quote in this press release about the
20th anniversary of a fan magazine dedicated to Barbra Streisand (I
don’t make this stuff up) that displays some insight into the power of
print vs. digital media.

While such a publication can’t compete with the speed of the net, Lynne
sees its validity differently. “We maintain a constant record,” she
explained. “Collecting each issue builds into a competent reference
library of this artists amazing career.”

While I’ve never seen any of them (he said, sheepishly),  I’m sure
there are hundreds of fan websites and blogs dedicated to Barbra
Streisand. However, how can someone call themselves a real fan
is he (or she? who knows?) have in his (or her) possession a complete
collection of All About Barbra magazines? I know I can’t.