Podcasting needs no eBay, says Odeo’s founder

Podcasting needs no eBay, says podcasting centralized marketplace founder: I don’t know about you, but I love the way blogging enables a conversation. Say, for example, the country’s best known technology reporter mischaracterizes what your start-up company is all about, a weblog gives you the ability to, uh, wait five days before blaming the reporter for having to do a business story and not a “power to the people” story and therefore focusing on a particular part of the story that isn’t necessarily how you would tell it.

A blog can help with the challenge a repeat-entrepreneur has when trying to rekindle the benefit-of-the-doubt-mojo of the good old days when things were all about “power to the people.” A blog can help one balance the crap one knows must be proclaimed to potential funding sources: we’re going to be the ebay of podcasting (i.e., a business model), sure we have a business plan, we demo’d at TED, hey, the NY Times is convinced we’re the next new thing.

Bottom line: As Ev is now on record (five days later) clarifying that Odeo is not aiming to be “the” eBay of podcasting,” I’d like to once more clarify that I’m looking forward to seeing all the free and powerful stuff Odeo will provide we, the people.