Rexblog exclusive Paris HIlton sighting

Rexblog exclusive Paris Hilton sighting: Except for the chance of totally scortching Mr. Roboto
with this exclusive rexblog scoop, I doubt I’d be blogging a Nashville
sighting of Paris Hilton, but, well, a blogger’s got to do what a
blogger’s got to do.

So, here goes:

One of the seven readers of the rexblog claims she saw Paris Hilton in Lillie Rubin at Green Hills Mall earlier this evening.

She e-mailed me to report:

heard the girl at the register say, “That’ll be $18…” Wasn’t close
enough to hear if she meant $1800 or $18,000. Outside the store, I
noticed a posse of three waiting on her and holding all the loot she’d
already bought, plus the four Lillie Rubin bags she was leaving with.
(wonder why you’d go on a shopping spree in Nashville if you lived in

For those interested, she was wearing a light blue jog
suit with her stomach totally exposed (even though it’s about 20
degrees outside) and UGG boots. Once outside the store, she pulled the
hood over her head and slipped on sunglasses. The seven people at Green
Hills Mall on Tuesday night at 8:30 didn’t notice her.

You heard it here first.