Retiring from gossip beat

Retiring from gossip beat: So, this morning I learn from the closest thing
the Nashville media has to a gossip columnist that Paris Hilton,
indeed, is in town. And, from the lame (did I say lame, I meant “same”)
report, I determined that the rexblog not only broke this
major story
, but actually reported the first public sighting of her.
And thanks to the rexblog reporter (who I’ll be happy to name if she
wants the glory), we got juicy details.

And so I am choosing to step down while still a champion.

In order to leave the gossip beat while still on top (you won’t find
anymore Paris sightings here, in other words), I am now requesting that
Mr. Roboto and Thursday Night Fever be the official Paris-Nichole in Nashville gossip blog. Please.

By the way, the rexblog “source,” e-mailed this morning to explain why she was in Lillie Rubin, but that’s a another story.

3 thoughts on “Retiring from gossip beat

  1. If you watch Tivo’d copies of last week’s Entertainment Tonight, you’ve got that celebrity columnist scooped.

    And I was hoping to have a quiet, go to bed early night tonight. I guess I will have to get the TNF troops ready for the hunt.

  2. Hey, Mr. Robato, I would think my scoop deserves one of those TNF outstanding achivement awards. I would proudly display it.

  3. I didn’t see Paris out last night, but I will be posting a huge celebrity sighting and a quasi-celebrity interview very soon on TNF.

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