Southwest to Mac users – “No Ding!”

Southwest to Mac users – No Ding! When I saw the folks at Microsoft giving rave reviews to this cool new application from my favorite airline,
I knew it must be something that works only on Windows. If you are
a Windows user, “Ding” will alert you whenever there is a deal that may
interest you.

Note to Southwest: Don’t waste your time on a Mac version, rather offer a wide array of alerts via RSS or IM.

2 thoughts on “Southwest to Mac users – “No Ding!”

  1. I knew when I saw the email it would be a Windows only Application but I checked just to see if it was possible a Java version existed for the rest of the world. RSS certainly makes sense. They are trying to push trip ideas in to consumers’ heads to help them spend their money on Southwest tickets, perhaps occaisionally cheaper than if pruchased directly via So why not try the same thing with RSS, so Windows users don’t have to add another application to their crowded tray and non-Windows users can get all the same exposure? Windows users are more likely to abandon a tray app anyway.

  2. I for one am glad that I need a PC too, if only for the 2 rapid rewards credits I’m earning. I think that’s all it’s good for, however.

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