Some guy’s thoughts on the future of magazines (or, why I love magazines)

Some guy’s thoughts on the future of magazines (or, why I love magazines): For some reason, Lorraine Sanders of Media Life thought she’d interview some guy about why he loved magazines. What she didn’t know was the guy wouldn’t shut up.


These are emotionally charged times for
the magazine industry, a period of much hand-wringing over the future
of the medium as it faces the threats of the internet and cable and
lord knows whatever new challengers may arise. It’s also a time of
self-examination, one in which the industry is examining not just the
magazine’s effectiveness as an advertising medium but more and more its
essential relationship with its readers. And that suits Rex Hammock
just fine. Hammock is president of Hammock Publishing of Nashville, a
custom publisher of institutional and association magazines,
newsletters and online media. Hammock thinks the magazine industry
needs to get back in touch with its inner self, to understand why
people love magazines and why magazines as a medium are unlike any
other. Hammock runs, where he expounds upon these ideas.
Hammock talks to Media Life about magazines and his fascination with

Thank you, Lorraine and Media Life for asking.