Thanks magazine people

Thanks magazine people: Wow. I can’t say thank you enough for the e-mail and blog mentions (like this one from David Shaw) about my interview with Media Life
on why I love magazines. There are lots of people around who still love
the format if my e-mail is an indication. I was especially, well, I
don’t know the word (floored? pleasantly surprised? humbled? amazed?)
that some people in rather senior positions at a couple of well-known
(to say the least) magazine companies took time to e-mail me their
appreciation for what I said and to share a personal observation of
their passion for magazines.

Wow, that’s what being instalanched is like

Wow, that’s what being instalanched is like:
Actually, I have had the opportunity to be deconstructed by a community
of left-wingers who accused me of being an operative of Karl Rove, so
it’s nice to get a little taste from the other direction (see some of
the comments on the previous post). However, it’s also nice to see
someone like Greg Wallace make a post on his weblog that captures somewhat better my real point.

That point is that non-controversies like “links to campaign sites are
going to be banned by regulators” are like shouting wolf over and over
(Greg has a great list of them.). There are real threats to freedoms
and real fights with government agencies and real challenges to
bloggers that need to be fought. Every time I see one of these
fictitious threats flare up, I see it as a waste of time of both the
right and the left. For the life of me, I can’t think of a constiuency
for this “crackdown” on either end or at any point along the political
spectrum. Incumbants nor challengers benefit. Keeping citizens from
linking to the website of the candidates they support is not a winning
issue for any politician. However, if someone can find me a member of
congress who thinks his supporters should not be able to link to his
campaign website, then I’ll be glad to devote a portion of my blogging
efforts to sharing that strange point-of-view with his or her