Martha 24/7

Martha 24/7: My print-version
of the WSJ this morning features a fascinating page-one story on Martha
Stewart’s prison stay based on letters with Stewart and inmates she
befriended during her “sabbatical” in West Virginia. On the back of the
front section is a full page CNBC ad that is a giant picture of a
smiling Martha. While I have blogged plenty about Martha Stewart since
the day the story broke
(warning: the photo you will see on that post was photoshopped by me
and that’s not really Martha Stewart’s body), I won’t be blogging her
coronation this weekend.

However, I predict that before this is all over, the promotion
departments of other media companies will be trying to figure out how
to encourage their CEOs to take time off for prison so they can tap
into all this post-incarceration-marketing strategy.

Ironically, the federal prosecutors who wanted to make Stewart an
“example” of something (I never quite figured it out as even they could
not find an insider-trading charge to pin on her) will end up
providing a few days of non-stop coverage of Stewart explaining how so
much is broken in the federal prosecution and penitentiary system.

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  1. you will love the newsweek cover photo of her, with the blurb “Martha’s Last Laugh”

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