Newsweek is sorry

Newsweek is sorry: Newsweek apologizes
to Martha Stewart for running a fake photo of her on their cover. I
hope now that other news media will join in by admitting their coverage
of Martha getting released form prison is fake news.

For the record, I don’t apologize.

One thought on “Newsweek is sorry

  1. Well to take Newsweek’s side, the image IS in fact identified in the credits on the contents page as a photo illustration – fairly standard procedure for such instances. So maybe this falls into that grey area where Blockbuster’s no late fee proclamation resides – it is not quite that, but yet it is. So maybe those hand-wringing media critics ought to get over with it and find something more worthy of wrath, or even of using up oxygen. If they weren’t such blinking hypocrites, they’d be out picketing Congress to mandate that every magazine ought to carry a warning label advising that the camera is lying and that nearly every photo has been tinkered with by one or more persons. Or maybe they think those loving photos of Martha in her magazine are just as St. Kodak shot them?

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