Why “experts” should be ignored

Why “experts” should be ignored: Whenever you see a quote like this one in today’s NY Post,
“(Martha Stewart) should close the magazine and focus on TV projects,
the Web, merchandising, books and videos,” you can bet the person being
quoted has absolutely no idea of the value of having a 1.8 million
circulation magazine with prominent placement at the checkout counter
of every grocery store in America. On this blog, I have chronicled such
stories as this for 2 1/2 years and have repeatedly explained why
Martha Stewart Living is not going away (and compared it to other
magazines like Rosie, which I thought should go away). I won’t waste
time again going over the reasons except to say this: Martha Stewart
Living is a great magazine that is loved by its audience. It is not a
celebrity magazine or a magazine about Martha Stewart. Advertisers who
don’t buy it are the losers. You may see a quarter or two more of loses
related to the magazine, but if you look at the magazine and not listen
to the experts, you’ll understand why the magazine is special. And no,
I’m not a closet decorator (although I do like organized closets), I’m
merely someone who loves great magazines.