On procrastination

On procrastination: Dave Eggers in a Salon interview:

You only want to
work on the stuff you’re not supposed to be working on. That’s how it
always is. I’ll always be working on five things at once, usually with
those documents open at the same time because if I get stuck somewhere
I’ll jump over to something else. That’s how my head has always worked.
I don’t know if it’s ’cause I watched too much TV as a kid or what. It
really could be that.”

(via: Virginia Postrel)

What rock have I been hiding under?

What rock have I been hiding under? I’ve purchased their products for years and use them daily (continuously?) and even blogged last year that one of their products, the iTrip, is an essential device. But I had to learn from, of all places, a story in today’s Tennessean, that Griffin Technology is a Nashville company. The device I use to listen to podcasts blogcasts is a Nashville product — get outta here. Were it not for my Apple-free speech movement, I could devote a couple hundred more words to how I use their products. Oh, wait. In short item I wrote in the current issue of My Business Magazine, I discuss how a Griffin iTalk (and some other stuff) can be used for good old-fashioned dictation.

(Thanks for the heads up from my
friend David Ewing, who is quoted in the story regarding a Griffin
product I recommended to him.)

SXSW “get over yourself” suggestions

SXSW “get over yourself” suggestions: David Nunez has some suggestions
for those attending the SXSW interactive festival this weekend. I guess
I won’t be wearing one of those smiley faces on my badge (after he
posted his guide, the SXSW folks told him they frown on smiley faces),
but please, if you’re there and you don’t see me, please look for Dave
and give him a hug.

(via: Taylor McKnight, who, if he’s checking his trackbacks, I’d like to e-mail me so I can talk with him in Austin.)