Is Yahoo cool again?

Is Yahoo cool
again? Is it just me? Like everyone in the early days of
the past decade, I used
Yahoo for everything — the old centralized portal way. And then, well,
for reasons I can’t recall but I think had to do with them becoming
bloated and trying to be all things to all people and wanting to take
over my life, I rebelled against their attempts to use personalization
strategies and decided that I would be, well, a person rather than a
victim of

Anyway, it started with Google offering an anti-yahoo means of search.
And then, okay, fast forward through a bunch of stuff, and the next
thing I knew, I had gone five years without even thinking about Yahoo.
And then I looked around and Google had started taking over my life the
way Yahoo had a long time ago. (Not Google’s fault, they simply keep
developing incredible stuff.)

And then, low and behold, Yahoo started hitting my radar screen with
stuff like jumping on RSS early on. And while I can’t document these
things, I just started hearing about Yahoo more.

And even though it still smacks of trying to be all things to all
people, Yahoo is doing things again that make sense to me.

And besides, they are one of the few companies with the scale and clout
(and, uh, who aren’t, uh, Microsoft) to provide a viable alternative
(translation: competition is good) to
Apple (in
music downloads
) and Google (in
creating a syndicated
advertising alternative to AdSense
). And as Google and Apple
are currently on the list of my personal lovemarks
I’m starting to hate, I’m hoping that it’s not just me and that it’s
really Yahoo being cool again.

(via, I think, something I saw

4 thoughts on “Is Yahoo cool again?

  1. Is Yahoo! cool again? They have to be, or they will get killed by Google…or maybe down-the-road by Microsoft.

  2. Yahoo! has always been nerdy-cool in my book (which is different from the slick-cool of Google – but you don’t tire of nerdy-cool as quickly). I have a Yahoo! credit card. I use Yahoo! for Bill Pay. My son is a registered Yahooligan. I play Zuma on Yahoo. (Before gmail I had a Yahoo! e-mail account.) I use Yahoo’s Instant Messenger. My home page is Yahoo. (Hey, I could BE a Yahoo! commercial!) 😉

  3. I think you are picking up on the online zeitgeist! Yahoo does seem to be doing much better in the popularity stakes–I’ve noticed that too. I think it’s because they have a “face” and are more services oriented which means people. Google wants to do everything with machines, which is the cheapest way to do anything, and we know how Google likes to do things as cheaply as possible (or should I saw low-cost?!) Google’s model is more scalable, if Yahoo increases its people content that is less scalable and a lower margin business.

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