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Non-white guy bloggers: Call me insensitive, but I didn’t know that white guys didn’t link to non-white-guys.
So, in an effort to atone for the my prior link-sins and those of my
brethren, I’d like to join in the meme (or, should I say, the “feme”)
of the day, Ten New Voices (which I heard about from Susan and which was started by Halley, who, while she is not a “guy,” is definitely an expert on alpha males.) [Update: After doing this, I discovered Halley’s original post and discovered I didn’t follow the rules.
I listed nine women, instead of five, and didn’t include three
non-Americans. I guess that’s what I mean when I tell my kids to read
the instructions first. What can I say? I’m just a white-guy blogger,
stuck in my ways.]

So, here is my contribution to Ten New Voices, and, well, I
took these directly from the blogroll that appears on the left column
of every page of the rexblog, so I guess they’re not technically “new”
voices. But, they don’t belong to white guys, so I guess I’m in the
spirit of things.

I decided to start with some Nashville non-white-guy bloggers:

Saucy Librarian:
I mean, well, if ever there was ever a superstar non-white-guy
Nashville blogger waiting to be discovered by a national audience,
Saucy Librarian is my nomination. (She just needs to post more often.)

Busy Mom:
Is already way beyond being a “new” voice as she’s got something most
bloggers crave: an audience. I’ll admit, I don’t know exactly what she
blogs about, but I think it has something to do with being a busy mom.

There are these two 14-year-olds I know who think she’s awesome because
she’s the first blogger other than me to discover their blog.

Map Girl: Who maintains the blog Nashville Confidential, “true untold stories from Music City.”

Linda Dblu:
Who is a real-life friend of mine who caught a typo on another blog I’m
associated with. It had something to do with leaving an “r” out of the
word “T-shirt” if you know what I mean.

Pink Kitty: It’s hard to call someone a “new” voice when instapundit already refers to her as “Empress Kitty.”

BB’s Blog:
Another real-life friend of mine who is an aspiring songwriter. If
you’re ever planning a trip to Nashville, she’s got a great list of
local song-writer-friendly venues and local artists. Best part of her
blog is keeping up with where she’s performing. Every artist should
blog like this.

Okay, I’ve just noticed I’m already
at seven and haven’t left Nashville yet, so, please, add other
non-white-guy Nashville bloggers to the comments of this post. Here are
some of the many non-white-guy bloggers I depend on to keep me informed
on what the heck is going on in the world:

Tara Calashan: While she’s not a “new voice,” Tara falls into the “non-white-guy-category.” She’s the research guru who blogs at ResearchBuzz when not writing books.

Ramon Ray: It’s hard calling Ramon a blogger and
a weblog since Ramon has been posting a steady stream of daily news
there since way before “blogging” existed as we now know it. Like Rafat Ali,
Ramon is not a “new voice” or a blogger but is a reporter/entrepreneur
who uses a blogging platform and approach to do what he does. He also
pioneered “custom publishing” blogging (although he’s never called it
that) and lots of other things that too few people noticed.

Shawn Lea: I thought of Shawn because a couple of months ago, she invited me to a virtual dinner party she was having,
and, well, being from the South and all, I felt it proper to include
her in this party. Besides, she’s got a great “new voice” from
somewhere that’s not east or west coast (Jackson, Miss.) and blogs
about everything…and nothing.

I’m stopping
there because it’s ten. However, please add others to the comments and
add links to other people who are doing this.

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  1. One of the more popular Nashville blogs (with “Nashville” in its title) is also run by a non-white-guy. I don’t think he publicizes this, though, so that’s all I will give up here.

  2. I write about lots of things, Subway being my latest topic. I just know I’ll be recognized by Instapundit soon…

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