3 thoughts on “Meme meme

  1. i knew i was going to get massacred on using the word meme…it is so 1999. but hey, everything 99 is back in fashion now, so why not…

  2. OK I love the article about the non-vanishing newspapers. While I wasn’t around at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if this same THeme didn’t crop up during the rise of radio and television. Perhaps even telegraph — the first instant messaging. [Hah!! Is that a new thought? Probably not. Not much new. Anyway….]

    While I think lots of today’s newspapers are bound to change, and of course some are going to go away, the industry as a whole isn’t going anywhere. In Nashville we’ve seen a major daily die in the last decade or so, but we’ve also seen another competitor to the morning paper rise in its place. It has a different form and remains to be seen whether it’s viable, but people like print. There’s something to be said for that.

    When it comes to the Web, there are a multitude of new formats and concepts that are supplementing [in the case of smart papers] and competing with [in other cases] papers worldwide. But will the newspaper — words on print — go away any time soon [maybe ever]? It’s such an obvious point it’s almost not worth discussing.

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