I’m not blogging sxsw, post #1

I’m not blogging sxsw, post #1: I’ve
already purged my system of two days in D.C. sitting through dreary
panels, merely by spending an hour listening to Alexander Manu talk about play.

While I expect you’ll see more “I’m not blogging sxsw” posts, I’ve
decided to not blog sxsw, rather to sorta just take it all in and
reflect on it later. If you want to follow those who are blogging it,
you can check out the del.icio.us tag, sxsw, and the  technorati tag, sxsw. Also, if you want to see photos people are taking while at sxsw, you may want to check out the flickr tag, sxsw. When I post my “I’m not blogging sxsw posts,” I’ll be using the technorati tag, as well.)

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