Shucks: The other day Steve
Rubel used the term “over-inflated blego
for describing what one has when they get a little full of themselves
from having their blog mentioned or being interviewed or whatever.
Well, I confess. When someone says, “hey, I’ve read your blog,” I get a
blego boost (or, as we used to call it in the old days, some egoboo).
And when a blogging rock star like Doc Searls links to something I say, well, it still gives me like a month’s-worth of blegoboo. (Wait, is that a term I’m coining? blegoboo? Google results on 3.13.2005 for the term “blegoboo” – zero)

2 thoughts on “Shucks

  1. Credit to where credit is due.

    Matthew Podboy first came up with the term blego (well, a Boston colleague of his did).

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