I’m not blogging sxsw, #5

I’m not blogging sxsw, #5: If I were blogging, I’d be pointing to Dan Gillmor’s very kind mention
of me on his blog. It’s great to meet someone I’ve read and admired so
long.  If I were blogging sxsw, I’d be saying how Malcolm Gladwell
is not only a great writer, he’s a great performer. I’d also be saying
how I can’t believe I missed Robert Scoble’s session but I was so
intent on hearing Craig (craigslist) Newmark, I completely missed the
fact that the two sessions were going on at the same time (but I did discover this page that recaps the presentation).
I hope Robert’s around today so we can officially meet. If I were
blogging, I would tell how much I enjoyed talking with Taylor McKnight
about how he started his incredible “Steal these Buttons,”
one of those hidden treasures of the web that I find fascinating. But
even though I’m not blogging sxsw, I still had to post this photo of
Rex Sorgatz and me
. That’s right, I finally got to meet offline “the other
Rex,” the one with the really cool blog, fimocous. I’ll probably be
posting some more “I’m not blogging sxsw” posts today, but unfortunately,
this is my last day here. (Technorati tag: )