I’m not blogging sxsw, #6

I’m not blogging sxsw, #6: I’m in a session called, “Does Design Matter?
with a panel of some famous web designers and a room full of web
designers (I’m purposefully sitting in the corner.) I’m not blogging
the session, but Joe Clark likes the redesign of Ryan Gantz’s sixfoot6.com. Jeffry Zeldman likes this the theshowlive.com website. (Clark says the type of design seen on the theshowlive.com has become a “trope” which I’m must admit, I have no clue what he means.)

says that typically, a website which has a design sucks is the result
of a designer is reporter to 12 people who are all telling you to do
stuff that is awful. Everyone wants a link to their thing on the front

Goto: I don’t like the “b” word (branding), but the brand is a contract of trust. A successful design conveys a brand promise.

A question about design for design sake leads whoever’s in charge of the projector to link to Virtual Stan.

Sorry, now that I’ve seen Virtual Stan, I can’t seem to concentrate on what they’re talking about.

Big news, however: Robert Scoble was in the same session and I finally got to meet him.

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  1. In this case, it means something more like “movement towards” or “trend.”

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