I’m not blogging sxsw, #8

I’m not blogging sxsw, #8:  I’m in the Wonkette session and not blogging it, and neither is the other Rex, who is sitting next to me.

Update: If I were blogging this session, I would blog that Wonkette prefers Glenn Reynolds to Jeff Jarvis.
The exact quote (or, at least my version of her exact quote) is,
“Jeff’s site can be a little much. There’s not much of a filter on
Jeff. I prefer filtered thought. Then, you have someone like Glenn
Reynolds who doesn’t write much (but just links). It’s easier to skim
Reynolds than to skim Jarvis.”

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One thought on “I’m not blogging sxsw, #8

  1. And how much are you paying for these hot blog tips from Wonkette? If I had to choose between Jarvis and Instapundit, I’d be torn between two bloggers, wondering what to do. They are too different to compare (kinda like having to choose between Wonkette or Halley Suitt). 😉 But that would be an easy choice for me.

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