Hyperventilating hype

Hyperventilating hype: Money Magazine has issued a press release to announce a redesign. The release has this headline (really, just the headline):

An All-New MONEY Magazine; Expanded Content; A Fresh Voice; A New Look; For You, Your Family, Your Future

the opening sentence from the release, which sounds almost
anachronistic in an age of conversational PR. I mean, we know it’s
Money Magazine issuing this press release about themselves, so doesn’t
it sound odd how they’ve worded it in such a self-reverential and
boastful way?:

In its April issue, the
nation’s largest and most influential personal finance magazine unveils
the most sweeping editorial changes of its 33-year history. The new
MONEY moves beyond its traditional focus on investment to offer
guidance in all the areas in which money intersects with readers’
lives. The broadened content comes wrapped in a brand new design that
is friendly, inviting, dynamic and contemporary.

the way (apologies for an inside comment), there are a few readers of
this blog who will find the cover photo somewhat familiar.

One thought on “Hyperventilating hype

  1. Right on, bawss. Do a hemingway on that lede and nuke most of the adjectives. You will find that it is almost devoid of meaning or information – let’s not even approach knowledge or wisdom. That’s another way of saying – the lede doesn’t say anything.

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