Is TNF celebrating April Fool’s Day early

Is TNF celebrating April Fool’s Day early: 
Those two whacky middle school bloggers at Jacob’s Posse are running a poll asking if
their two whacky blogger heros at Thursday Night Fever have sold out? (The Scene’s Jason Spragens
has some theories.) I’m guessing the Jacob Posse guys are missing Mr.
Roboto’s bikini art but suspect one of them will give a thumbs up to LJ. As for me, I don’t
believe TNF has technically sold out as — and this is just a theory, okay — they would would
actually have to receive some money or other consideration to be

2 thoughts on “Is TNF celebrating April Fool’s Day early

  1. Errm… You may not have noticed with all the hooplah, but all references to the other (former?) blogger at TNF are gone. Not sure what’s going on myself. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Linda, certainly this is an enigma wrapped in a mytery…or is it a mystery wrapped in an enigma? Perhaps the Captain didn’t approve of the corporate sell-out.

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