What Doc said

What Doc said: As I was rather harsh in my negative
to one aspect of the Odeo story in the NYT a while
back (my specific complaint: the implication in the article and related
blog-post that podcasters need an eBay-like centralized marketplace),
I’d like to once more say I can’t wait to see all of the various tools
that will surely be springing up in the coming months that will make
podcasts easier to create, distribute and receive. Doc Searls
my sentiments exactly when he suggests to folks not
to focus on the competition among those who are developing podcast tools and services. “Chill, folks,” says Doc, “Markets are
public places where makers and vendors offer users and customers lots
of choice. Not coliseums where gladiators kick and stab each other to
death while the rest of us cheer over bruises and blood.”