2 thoughts on “Recalling my first transistor iPod

  1. Rex and a few of the other readers will recall when a 6-transistor plastic radio about the size of a paperback novel was a passport to fabled realms like NYC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nashville and even Liverpool. Was it a symptom or a cause of a cultural upheaval still boiling? Both, likely. Those early transistor radios made it easy to take a slice of your musical-sports-news world with you most anywhere. What will mean that to some of the younger readers of this blog and what unseen technology is waiting to revolutionize their world (I’m betting on implant computer links, hot diggity!)

  2. Gee, Bill. I’m not that old. Okay, I lie. I remember sneaking a transitor radio to bed most nights and listening to KDKA, Pittsburg and WCAU in Philadelphia, both talk formats before there was such a format. And, you’re right. It did transport me.

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