What Dave said

What Dave said: Back a month ago, when I said, “When something is going to be big. Really big. You rarely see it demo’d (at a conference),” much of what Dave Winer just said in a passioinate blog post
is what I meant. I completely understand and totally agree
with Dave’s sentiments.

(Although, I’d cut Doc a little slack as Doc has cut Dave some slack in the past.)

Update: Doc responds and concludes, “I won’t write another thing about podcasters until I’m doing a podcast myself.”

2 thoughts on “What Dave said

  1. Of course I’m going to cut him slack, and I’ll even cut Williams and Curry slack, but first show a slight amount of menschness, or is it menschity.

  2. That’s the part I agree with (even though I had to look up what “mench” meant…:)

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