Apple-free speech update

Apple-free speech update:  From a John Markoff NYT
story in Monday’s
NYT regarding Apple unleashing its lawyers on bloggers

A co-founder of the Berkeley Macintosh
Users’ Group, Mr. Cohen said he believed that Apple’s fans would be
unlikely to be driven away from the company by Mr. Jobs’s heightened
secrecy obsession. The company’s critics were more likely to be
computer users who do not use Apple products, such as devotees of the
freely developed Linux operating system. “I’ve seen a backlash, but
it’s coming from the open-source community that will criticize Apple at
the drop of at hat,” he said.

Let’s get this straight: Critics of what Apple is doing are not limited
to “the open-source community” but extends to the entire “half-a-brain
community.” (He said, typing on his PowerBook.)