Memorial Gym Magic

Memorial Gym Magic:  Just
saw one of the most amazing basketball moments ever. While
(unfortunately) it’s a game in the NIT (“Not Invited Tournament”), a
full-court pass and lay-up with 6/10ths of a second left to break a tie and give Vanderbilt a win over Wichita State. Has to be #1
on Sports Center’s Plays of the Day tomorrow.

Update: My young colleague, Lena Basha, reports (see comments) she was at the game and almost passed out.

New nashville blog

New Nashville blog: Kevin Barbieux, the formerly homeless Nashville resident who created The Homeless Guy, one of the most compelling blogs I can ever recall, has launched a new blog called “This.Is.Nashville.” I look forward to seeing what he develops there. (If I were a certain TV station, I’d be buying ad space there.) Also, I just noticed that Kevin has a knitting blog called “Knitting a Home” where he sells his work.

(via: Bill Hobbs)

(Update: Kevin (see
comments) says he’s still homeless but very, very close to being
“formerly.” I hope to see him tomorrow night (see comments) to learn

What Jeff said

What Jeff said: Jeff Jarvis says it’s about time Google News displayed some transparency in revealing the news sources it indexes.

“Enough. Google: Release a complete list of your news sources now. And institute a means for questioning those choices and for suggesting other choices now.”

While I agree with Jeff on the need for transparency, I think there is such a means. I don’t know what happens when you use the form, but at least they seem to invite feedback, questions and suggestions.

On Coke

On Coke: Back in a previous
life when I’d just joined a Nashville advertising firm to help launch a
PR subsidiary (now that I think of it, exactly 20 years ago) one of my
first assignments was handling the Nashville-area introduction of New
Coke (and then, Coke Classic, a few weeks later). Even at the time, I
thought everything about it was surreal, but wildly amusing and fun. I
just had a flashback when I read that Coke
was about to introduce a New Diet Coke made with Splenda (in addition
to the current version) and then introduce another diet cola called
Coke Zero.

I guess every 20 years or so, those folks go stark raving mad.