Podcasting pooper? Not me!

Podcasting pooper? Not me! Dave Winer and I are being called podcasting poopers by Frank Barnako at Marketwatch.com. However, I’m not going to complain about any mischaracterization as I’m also called “innovative” in the piece and, frankly, if I start correcting him, then, well.

Anyway, it’s the business-hype of podcasting I’m pooping. I’m a huge fan of podcasting and the podcasters who podcast them. I just would rather focus on the movement of podcasting (like the launch of OurMedia today) than the money-flow and competition and central marketizing of podcasting. Also, don’t get me wrong: I’m a devout and practicing capitalist and I don’t mind people getting rich off of podcasting. I just believe it’s not the interesting part of the podcasting story at this time.

Also: My “first class” crack was not directed at Adam Curry. Frankly, it wasn’t directed at anyone. It was just the goofy way I always write around here — the seven regulars know that.

Also, it appears the Marketwatch.com story has spiked the traffic to the rexblog (up from my typical seven readers). Sorry for any technical difficulties you may have encountered due to this. I believe the traffic is back down to seven so you probably won’t have anymore difficulty.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting pooper? Not me!

  1. Rex … I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts (and blogs), too. Dave’s and your comments, coming simultaneously with Pirillo’s Curry announcement … just too much coincidence to ignore.

    Glad I helped your traffic.


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