On Coke

On Coke: Back in a previous
life when I’d just joined a Nashville advertising firm to help launch a
PR subsidiary (now that I think of it, exactly 20 years ago) one of my
first assignments was handling the Nashville-area introduction of New
Coke (and then, Coke Classic, a few weeks later). Even at the time, I
thought everything about it was surreal, but wildly amusing and fun. I
just had a flashback when I read that Coke
was about to introduce a New Diet Coke made with Splenda (in addition
to the current version) and then introduce another diet cola called
Coke Zero.

I guess every 20 years or so, those folks go stark raving mad.

4 thoughts on “On Coke

  1. And just to show how long we have known each other, I remember encountering you on a sidewalk, passing out samples of the old new coke. You didn’t have any left, and ultimately, I never got around to tasting the product. But I have since drunk the Kool-Aid.

  2. Actually, I was “producing” a video on the streets of Nashville that was shown to a convention of Coca-Cola “accounts.” We were getting reaction to New Coke. Amazing, when you turn a camera on someone, they’ll always say, “This is great. I love it more than anything I’ve ever tasted.”

  3. Well, there you go. Thanks for the clarification. But take pity on me – I was a journalist at the time. At least I got the city right.

  4. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that dispite all the promotions created by soda companies, that for many decades the market share between coke and pepsi and others remains virtually unchanged.

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