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New Nashville blog: Kevin Barbieux, the formerly homeless Nashville resident who created The Homeless Guy, one of the most compelling blogs I can ever recall, has launched a new blog called “This.Is.Nashville.” I look forward to seeing what he develops there. (If I were a certain TV station, I’d be buying ad space there.) Also, I just noticed that Kevin has a knitting blog called “Knitting a Home” where he sells his work.

(via: Bill Hobbs)

(Update: Kevin (see
comments) says he’s still homeless but very, very close to being
“formerly.” I hope to see him tomorrow night (see comments) to learn

4 thoughts on “New nashville blog

  1. From what I am reading on some other site, I saw that Kevin was going to be attending some blog party Wednesday night at Jacksons.

  2. I think those Jacob’s Posse guys, #1 & #2, will also be there (at least for the under-21 portion of the evening). I assume their parents are letting them come as a cautionary experience.

  3. Thanks for the mention. But I must clarify one point. I am still homeless. I am very very VERY close to getting my own place – we’re in the filing paperwork stage – but it hasn’t happened just yet. Soon.

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